Onsite High Voltage

  • OnsiteHV offers state of the art high voltage products and innovative power utility services partnered with Onsite HV Solutions(Switzerland). We provide advanced testing and diagnostic equipment tailored for the electrical energy sector. Some of the products and solutions we offer are as below:
  • HV and MV Power Cable, Transformer, Coil and winding testing and diagnostics test equipment’s using DAC technology.
  •  Advanced PD on-line monitoring system for distribution and transmission power cable networks
  • Reason to perform dedicated on-line PD condition assess-ment of power cable networks during service life:
  • To be informed about the actual condition of the cable circuits.
  • To reduce the risk of unexpected failures during operation.
  • To provide information for condition-based maintenance (CBM) →OpEx reduction
  • To improve the reliability of the cable networks → CapEx improvemen
  • Apart from the products we are also provide technical consultancy and services for testing and diagnosis of power cable systems.