About us

About Alpha Link Technology

Alpha Link is a reseller of various cutting-edge solutions for the Telecom, Power, and Fiber Optic sectors in the MEA (Middle East and Africa) region. With a focus on solutions for Telecom Networks, our offerings ensure optimal performance and reliability of communications infrastructure.

In the Telecom sector, Alpha Link specializes in providing diverse Telecom test and measurement solutions. These solutions enable service providers, equipment manufacturers, and Network operators to efficiently assess, monitor, and troubleshoot their Telecom Networks. By offering advanced testing equipment, Alpha Link supports the industry in delivering high-quality voice, data, and video services to end-users.

Our Telecom solutions include Optical Transport Networks including CWDM & DWDM 100Gig solutions, P2P MP (Mesh), Wireless Solution, SYNC Solution, MPLS-TP, Microwave Network, Safety and Security subsystems.

The power division offers a wide range of MV (Medium Voltage) and HV (High Voltage) power cables testing products. These products facilitate the testing and validation of power cables, ensuring their safety and reliability in high-voltage applications. By offering such specialized solutions, Alpha Link contributes to the smooth operations of power utilities and other industries relying on these critical cables.

The company’s portfolio extends to fiber optic passive components as well. Fiber optic networks have become the backbone of modern communication systems, and Alpha Link provides passive components such as cables, adapters, splitters, and attenuators to ensure optimal signal transmission. These components play a crucial role in maintaining the integrity and efficiency of fiber optic networks.

Additionally, Alpha Link offers Power and Telecom cable laying equipment, which simplifies and streamlines cable installation processes. With our range of cable laying equipment, including cable rollers, winches, pullers, and cable pushers, the company assists in achieving efficient and accurate installations, reducing both time and cost.

Alpha Link’s commitment to delivering top-quality products from renowned international manufacturers ensures that their customers receive reliable and high-performing solutions. By catering to the Telecom, Power, and Fiber Optic sectors in the MEA region, Alpha Link plays a pivotal role in enabling the growth and development of these industries.

Whether it is Telecom test and measurement solutions, Power cables testing products, Fiber Optic passive components, or cable laying equipment, Alpha Link stands as a trusted partner for companies in the MEA region, dedicated to enhancing the quality and efficiency of their operations.


Our capabilities in system design, engineering, system integration, implementation, project management, training and 24/7 support services, enables us to deliver customized solutions to meet a variety of requirements and standards set by the customers. We are committed to quality, before introducing any product into the market, we thoroughly check its suitability, both in terms of quality as well as application.

With a fully trained support team, any queries or problems that might occur can usually be resolved directly by us. Our repair and calibration centre based in Dubai is ideally positioned to provide a rapid response to our clients in the region. We have grown over the last few years due to our high level of customer retention.