IPTV Testing


For many fixed-line operators around the world, IPTV is no longer the future—it has become today’s reality. IPTV allows operators to offer high-quality TV services and opens new horizons to IP-based entertainment services, such as video-on-demand (VoD), subscription video-on-demand (SVoD) and other Internet services.

No Compromise on Quality of Service

In a market where competition is fierce, IPTV subscribers are not expected to compromise on their quality of service (QoS). The signal quality across the IPTV network must be routinely tested and monitored to quickly resolve potential threats to service revenue.

EXFO’s IPTV Test Solutions

EXFO offers IPTV test solutions to assess the network copper physical layer, validate the xDSL service and test the performance of the IPTV component at any stage of the deployment. Our Ethernet IPTV testing, IPTV analysis capabilities and advanced IPTV monitoring solutions offer complete end-to-end quality of experience (QoE) assessment for IP video. EXFO enables providers to successfully introduce video services faster and manage them more cost-effectively, by continually ensuring the highest service quality.